Hunton Expansion Joint Filler (EJF)

A general purpose expansion joint filler for use in concrete slab and wall construction.

Published: September 7, 2016

Hunton Bitumen Softboard is used as a general purpose expansion joint filler in concrete slab and wall construction, and as a protection board for waterproofing membranes.

Why choose Hunton Expansion Joint Filler (EJF)?

  • Made of Norwegian spruce
  • PEFC™ certified wood’
  • Excellent recovery after compression
  • Hunton is ISO 9001 and ISO 50 001 certified

Hunton Expansion Joint Filler (EJF) – a safe choice!

Hunton Bitumen Softboard is produced in Norway from wood fibre taken as waste chips, sawdust and off-cuts from sawmills located close to our plant. All of our suppliers conform to the Norwegian laws regarding sustainability of the environment and forest management and are PEFC™ certified.
Our production process converts this waste material with only the addition of natural bitumen, waste newsprint and water into a board material.


  • M25 London Orbital Motorway
  • Chek Lap Kok International Airport, Hong Kong
  • AL-AWEIR Power Station Dubai
  • International Airport—Extension Bahrain
  • Transportation Roads Improvement Program (TRIP) Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai Festival City
  • Down Town near Burj Dubai (tallest building)
  • Al Naboodah Engineering: Dubai Terminal 3 project
  • East Coast Cont & Trading (DIBBA): Damos Hotel
  • Bin Beliala Cont: Al Nahda Building Construction
  • McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Philadelphia International Airport
  • University of Arizona