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The following is information regarding how we handle data on this site.


By using our website, you agree for cookies and information pertaining to you to be stored in your browser. Our cookies register which choices you make on, at which pages you are looking, about which products you are reading and how long you spend on each page. Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies.

If you do not want to accept our use of cookies, you can withdraw your consent by accessing browser settings. We need to clarify, however, that this may mean that some of our services on our website will not work optimally.

If you want more insight and the ability to change what is mapped by your online movements, we recommend the Ghostery browser plugin.

At we use the following cookies:

The publishing solution, WordPress, uses cookies on to control how the content is displayed and to preserve different data about the user’s choices inside the website.

Google Analytics
To provide us with information and statistics regarding how the website is used, we also use cookies from Google Analytics. 

Google Tag Manager
To help us distribute different code snippets on the website, including Google Analytics, we use Google Tag Manager, which sets cookies to maintain information about the current session.

The Hubspot cookie is used to record information about the use of the website in the same way as Google Analytics. If you register on our website, we will be able to provide you with relevant information on subsequent visits with the help of the Hubspot cookie.

The cookies we use from Hotjar measure, observe and retrieve data on user behaviour on

Facebook cookies
We use cookies to track activity on Facebook. These cookies do not give us insight into who is on the page, but collect data to build an ad crowd to whom we can advertise on Facebook later.

DoubleClick cookies detect and report which pages you visit on and on which ads you click. Based on this information, we can better adapt ads to you.

Ad cookies
Occasionally, we also have ads in other media. We used cookies on these ads to track traffic on the website, but no personal data.



On this website, we collect personal information such as name, email, company and telephone number. In addition to user data through cookies, we gain insights into the use of the website. The purpose of this is to provide our visitors and customers with the most relevant and customised information.

We guarantee that the information we collect will not be misused in any way. The information will only be used for internal analysis and for sending information from which we think you will benefit. Data collected will not be available to anyone other than Hunton and our data-processing subcontractors. Our subcontractors follow all of the regulations for data operators with regards to the GDPR-regulations.

Your rights
At any time, you may update or change your data and withdraw consent for communication from us. If you wish to be deleted from our databases or to take out all data we have about you, send an email to

On our Facebook page, you can post comments via a Facebook comment field. These comments are linked to your Facebook profile, which is displayed with a profile picture and name, as well as occupation / workplace (should  you choose to write something in the Facebook comment field). Your comment or “likes” and the mentioned info from your profile will appear on the page where you wrote it, to all site visitors and possibly your friends / followers. This information is Facebook’s property and is not stored at Hunton Fiber. Hunton Fiber does not use your comments or profile information in addition to appearing in the Comments Box on the page.

General Privacy Statement
The legal basis for processing your personal information is essentially the signing and fulfillment of customer agreements. For other inquiries and contact, the basis will be consent or a review of interest. We consider that we have a legitimate interest in answering and following up inquiries, as well as sending out marketing, newsletters and providing information about our business to our customers, unless they have reserved not to receive such information. In addition, we have considered it so that we have a legitimate interest in using social media and cookies on our websites, as informed.

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