Hunton builds new factory for natural wood fibre

Published: June 22, 2016    

Hunton Fiber AS has decided to establish a new factory for the production of wood fibre in Gjøvik.

“With wood fibre from our own Norwegian spruce we will be the manufacturer for the most natural insulator on the market”, says a contented Arne Jebsen, CEO of Hunton Fiber AS.

The Gjovik-based company has produced building systems based on wood and wood fibre for the past 127 years. Today, Hunton is a leading supplier of solid and energy efficient solutions. “With an investment in a new production plant, we want to be able to offer a greener alternative to traditional insulation products”, says Jebsen.

  • The factory will be built in the Skjerven Industrial Park in Hunndalen, Gjovik (Norway).
  • The investment is in the range of 100-120 million NOK.
  • The planned production start is no later than 2018.
  • This will create 40-60 new jobs.
  • This will use up to 70,000 m3 of spruce chips per year.

The green shift

Insulation based on wood fibre has unique properties with regards to heat retention and moisture transfer. “Since the product is made from wood chips, which is a locally produced surplus material from and including timber production, our insulation will contribute to a lower CO2 footprint”, says Jebsen. Using a renewable material such as wood for isolation is an important contribution to the green shift.

In line with our values

Hunton has a long history in wood and wood fibre. “Being a trusted manufacturer, who is both present and future-oriented, is an important value for the company. The Board’s decision today reinforces our presence in Gjovik, and with a brand new and modern production facility in Norway, we will deliver the most future oriented insulation on the Norwegian market”, says Jebsen.



  • Established in 1889 in Gjovik, Norway.
  • Leader in the production and sale of wood fibre products and systems for buildings.
  • Headquartered in Gjovik, Norway.
  • In 2015, the company had a turnover of 381 million NOK and a profit of about 30 million NOK.
  • The company has 130 employees.
  • Factories in Gjovik, Skreia and Olsfors (Sweden)
  • Sales offices in Asker (Norway), Helsinki (Finland) and Malmø (Sweden)
  • CEO Arne L. Jebsen
  • The main shareholder is Skog Holding AS (93%), employees (7%)