Hunton Windproof

The market’s leading wind barrier for external use on new buildings and renovations.

Hunton Windproof is the market’s leading wind barrier, protecting homes from moisture, drafts and cold.

Why choose Hunton Windproof?

  • Hunton Windproof has been the market’s leading wind barrier for more than 50 years
  • Windproof
  • A wood fiber based wind barrier with hygroscopic properties
  • Sd value of 0.2
  • This wind barrier is easy to handle and easy to use
  • It reduces cold bridges and has excellent insulating properties
  • This wind barrier also provides bracing against wind
  • Hunton Windproof has Norwegian Technical Approval from SINTEF and complies with building regulation requirements.
  • It is made from renewable raw materials
  • Hunton Windproof is a safe choice!

Hunton Windproof is the market’s preferred wind barrier and a significant market leader in Norway. Since the 1970s Hunton has sold 250 million square meters of its wind barrier product to the Nordic market.

Technical approval

Hunton Windproof is a tried and tested quality product with technical approval by SINTEF (the Norwegian Building Research Institute). Our wind barrier is designed to follow the building’s lifecycle. Hunton Windproof works well on old houses or modern buildings.

SINTEF Technical Approval Hunton Windproof


Hunton Windproof is made of woodchips from PEFC™ certified Norwegian forests.

Absorbs moisture

Hunton Windproof has hygroscopic properties, which means that it absorbs and emits moisture in line with the relative humidity of the air.

Reduces cold bridges

All walls will always have areas with poorer thermal insulation – such as over studs. Using Hunton Windproof will reduce cold bridges due to our product’s additional insulating properties. 12 mm Windproof corresponds to almost 10 mm of standard mineral wool, which gives a reduction in U-value of 0.01W/m2K. This makes it easier to meet building requirements for walls using simple measures for walls in low-energy passive house.

Bias tape is not needed

Hunton Windproof provides good wind bracing – in fact, it is so good that bias tape is not necessary. This makes the building process easier, because such products as sarking felt also require bias tape.

Hunton Windproof™

ProductProduct nr.ThicknessStandard widthStandard lengthBoards pr. palletWeight pr. pallet [kg]m2 pr. palletDensity [kg/m3]Thermal conductivity [w/mK]Water vapor resistance [m]
Hunton Windproof50001212002740951000312,42350,0490,2
Hunton Windproof5003 121200265095967302,12350,0490,2
Hunton Windproof500512n1200244095890278,22350,0490,2
Hunton Windproof5008121200268095978305,52350,0490,2
Hunton Windproof50381212003000951094342,02350,0490,2
Hunton Windproof/ rebated 5098121220274050535167,12350,0490,2
Hunton Windproof/ rebated 5099121220265050517161,72350,0490,2
Hunton Windproof5070191200274060987197,32350,050,32
Hunton Windproof5082251200274045979148,02350,0450,42
Hunton Windproof customOther formats can be produced.2350,049
File name
Hunton Windproof Assembly Instructions
  • Assembly instructions
Hunton Windproof 25mm Declaration of performance
  • Declaration of performance (DOP)
Hunton Windproof 12mm Declaration of performance
  • Declaration of performance (DOP)
Hunton Windproof 19mm Declaration of performance
  • Declaration of performance (DOP)
Hunton Windproof Technical Approval 2002g
  • Technical approval
Hunton Windproof Racking-test
  • Report
Hunton Windproof Certificate Of Conformity 1071-CPR-1018
  • Certificate of conformity
M1 Certification
  • Certificate
PEFC Certification
Safety Data Sheet
  • Safety data sheet
EPD – Hunton Windproof
  • Environmental Product Declaration
Construction Overview
  • Construction guide
Hunton Windtight, mounted

Hunton Windtight, mounted

Hunton Windtight

Hunton Windtight