Hunton Nativo® Wood Fiber Insulation Boards

Insulation made from natural wood fibres.

Hunton Nativo® is mainly based on natural wood fiber. The spruce chips we use in production come from Norwegian forests with PEFC-certification. The insulation boards can be used in walls, floors and ceilings.

Why you should choose Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation Boards:

  • Native Wood Fiber Insulation is based on a natural and renewable raw material that stores carbon throughout the product’s life cycle
  • The insulation boards are structurally stable and prevent convection
  • Wood fiber has hygroscopic properties
  • Wood fiber insulation has a good heat storage capacity
  • The insulation boards have a high density, and therefore have good sound-absorbing properties
  • Wood fiber insulation is comfortable to install and does not cause itching
  • The product has SINTEF Technical Approval

Stores carbon throuhgout its life cycle

Chip from the spruce tree is our most important raw material, a natural and renewable raw material from PEFC-certified forestry. Trees bind carbon, and by using old forest and planting new forest, insulation of wood fiber helps to extend this storage cycle. Wood fiber insulation stores carbon throughout its life cycle.

Hygroscopic properties

Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation has hygroscopic properties, which means that it absorbs and emits moisture in line with the relative humidity of the air.

Structural stability

Wood fiber insulation is dimensionally stable and does not sink. High density and stiffness prevent air pockets, sinks and settlements. The wood fiber’s natural ability to reduce air movement in the insulation provides good sealing around windows.

Good sound absorbing-properties

The insulation boards have a high density, which means that it absorbs and attenuates sound very well.

Does not give thicker walls

Walls and ceilings do not get thicker with Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation. With 250 mm wood fiber insulation in the wall and 300 mm wood fiber insulation in the ceiling, you are within the U-value requirement in accordance with the Technical Regulations.

Lamda value

Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation Plate has 0.038 W / mK

Added fire retardant

Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation is added with a natural fire retardant, and satisfies Euroclass E.

ProductArticle no.ThicknessWidthLengthNumber per palletWeight per pallet [kg]m2 pr. palletDensity
p [kg/m³]
Thermal Conductivity
λ [W/mK]
Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation board9725 50565 12209018662,03500,038
Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation board9726100565 12204817033,09500,038
Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation board9732150565 1220500,038
Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation board9727 200565 12202417016,54 500,038
Hunton Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation saw4993120620
Hunton Nativo Wood Fiber knife4997
Other dimensions and delivery time can be handled on request. Shipping does not apply.
When cutting insulation we recommend Huntons Nativo Wood Fiber saw or knife, or an electric saw, e.g. Bosch GFZ 16-35 AC, with associated blade "Wellenschliffmesser TF 350 WM" (where the last mentioned is not sold by Hunton).
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Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation Brochure
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NEPD Hunton Nativo Board
Hunton Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation – SINTEF Techninal Approval
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Hunton Nativo Innblåst

Hunton Nativo Innblåst

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Nativo plate