Hunton Nativo® Wood Fiber Insulation

Insulation made from natural wood fibres.

Hunton Nativo is an insulating material based on natural wood fiber. Its thermal retention qualities are outstanding and the insulation boards can be used in walls and roofs.

Why you should choose Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation Boards:

  • Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation is a natural insulating material
  • The insulation boards are structurally stable and prevent convection
  • The insulating material is recyclable
  • The insulation material has excellent thermal retention properties
  • Wood fiber insulation will not irritate the skin or cause rashes

Reduce your carbon footprint

By using Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation you help reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. The insulation boards are produced from sustainable forestry and are 100% recyclable. The natural material helps create a healthy indoor climate and may be handled without causing irritation or rashes.

Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation Boards are the right choice for eco friendly construction.

Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation Boards are based on natural wood fiber and are a sustainable insulation solution both in the short and the long term. Timber binds CO2 and by exploiting old forestry and planting new, wood fiber insulation helps to maintain this carbon storage cycle.

Reduces condensation

Humid air is always present, both indoors and outside the house. At the same time, humidity within as well as outside will always try to move toward equilibrium so that there is a constant movement of moisture through structures.

This moving dampness can condense in the insulation materials in the walls or roof of your home, partly due to the large temperature variations between day and night as well as high humidity loads (pressure) from the outside or inside of the building.

Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation Boards have up to ten times greater moisture absorption, transportation and moisture release from walls and roofs than mineral wool insulation. This quality is important as temperatures can change quickly, something which increases the risk of condensation.

Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation Boards provide stable and predictable structural properties that can withstand harsh climates with large fluctuations in humidity and temperature.

Thermal retention qualities

A high thermal storage capacity gives higher indoor temperatures in winter and cooler indoor temperatures in summer.

Compared to mineral wool insulation (glass or stone), the upper side of Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation Boards has twice as much thermal retention capacity per kilo mass. Wood Fiber Insulation can be installed with up to three times as many kilos per m2 as mineral wool insulation, and thus require a minimal amount of energy input to maintain a comfortable  indoor temperature all year round.

In practical terms, this heat retention capacity can be compared to a soapstone oven in which the heat is stored in the stone for hours after the fire has been extinguished.

This video shows precisely how good the thermal retention capacity of wood fiber is compared to mineral wool:

Fire retardant:

Wood fiber insulation’s natural properties mean that it chars in case of fire, exactly as timber does. The insulating material has also been treated with a natural fire retardant substance which is also found in fire suppression equipment. The substance consists of nitrogen and phosphorous (ammonium sulphate) which further amplifies the charring process by absorbing oxygen around the insulation in the event of fire.

Wood does not melt but burns at an almost constant rate. This means that any fire will progress predictably. With its low thermal conductivity, wood gives a minimal temperature increase on unexposed sides.

Are walls and roofs bulkier if you choose wood fiber insulation?

Walls and roofs do not become bulkier if you choose wood fiber insulation rather than mineral wool. With 250 mm wood fiber insulation in the walls and 300 mm wood fiber insulation in the roof you are still within the U value limits set by building regulations.

What is the lambda value of wood fiber insulation?

The lambda value of Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation Boards is 0.038 W/mK. Wood fiber has, because of its thermal retention capacity, very low heat loss, which means less need to add energy in winter and cooler temperatures indoors during summer.

ProductArticle no.ThicknessWidthLengthNumber per palletWeight per pallet [kg]m2 pr. palletDensity
p [kg/m³]
Thermal Conductivity
λ [W/mK]
Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation board9725 50565 12209018662,03500,038
Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation board9726100565 12204817033,09500,038
Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation board9732150565 1220500,038
Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation board9727 200565 12202417016,54 500,038
Hunton Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation saw4993120620
Hunton Nativo Wood Fiber knife4997
Other dimensions and delivery time can be handled on request. Shipping does not apply.
When cutting insulation we recommend Huntons Nativo Wood Fiber saw or knife, or an electric saw, e.g. Bosch GFZ 16-35 AC, with associated blade "Wellenschliffmesser TF 350 WM" (where the last mentioned is not sold by Hunton).
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NEPD Hunton Nativo Board
Nativo Wood Fiber Insulation Brochure
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Nativo Declaration of Performance (DoP)
Insulate and save the environment for CO2 emissions
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Hunton Nativo® Trefiberisolasjon Plater

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