Hunton Sarket

An all-in-one underlay and wind barrier.

Hunton Sarket is a simplified wood fibre sarket underlay and wind barrier sheet combined in one product. This underlay can be used in cold and heat insulated roof constructions.

Why choose Hunton Sarket?

  • Hunton Sarket is eco-friendly
  • The sheets absorb moisture
  • Bias tape is not needed
  • The sheets are diffusion-open
  • The sheets are easy to lay due to the tongue-and-groove system on all four sides.
  • Hunton Sarket has SINTEF Certification Technical approval
  • Hunton Sarket – a safe choice

Hunton Sarket is a wood-fibre underlay sheet that is quick and easy to lay by starting at the eaves and ending at the ridge. They are easy to use and can be installed continuously while mounting battens and furring strips, ensuring a safe workplace. Hunton Sarket is tried and tested under the toughest of climatic conditions.


Hunton Sarket is made of woodchips that would otherwise go to waste. The forest from which wood is taken for production is PEFC™ certified.

Absorbs moisture

Hunton Undertak absorbs and releases moisture (hygroscopic) as humidity in surrounding air changes. This is a very important property in locations where temperatures fluctuate (dew point) quickly, which can result in condensation on the inside of the sartek/underlay. Hunton Sarket has more than three times better condensation absorption than other comparable underlay products.

Bias tape is not needed

Hunton Sarket provides good wind bracing – in fact, it is so good that bias tape is not necessary. This makes the building process easier than if bias tape is with felt products.

Technical approval

Hunton Sarket is a tried and tested quality product. The sheets have SINTEF Certification Technical approval. The sheets are designed to follow the building’s lifecycle which was set at 60 years; ref. Technical Approval 2190. Hunton Sarket works well on old houses or modern buildings.

SINTEF Certification Technical Approval Hunton Sarket

Hunton Sarket is an all-in-one underlay and wind barrier. This means there is only ventilation above the subroof of the roof construction. The sheet is 18mm or 25mm thick and made of porous wood fibre for use in insulated pitched wooden roofs. It is particularly suitable for roofs to be fully insulated from the eaves to the ridge, and on roofs that remain insulated for some time.

Hunton Sarket allows the roof to be built without a ventilation gap between the underlay and the wind barrier. The sheet comes with a tongue-and-groove system on all four sides and is therefore very easy to lay.

Hunton Sarket is also excellent for roof renovation. The sheets can be laid directly on top of old roof boards and sheathing (although building paper/felt must be removed). The insulation can then be added underneath the old sheathing/boards.

How to lay Hunton Sarket:

Hunton Sarket™

ProductProduct nr.ThicknessStandard widthStandard lengthBoards pr.palletWeight pr.pallet [kg]m2 pr. palletDensity p(kg/m3)Thermal conductivity (w/mK)Water vapor resistance [m]
Hunton Sarket5670185952420 100692144,002600,048 0,32
Hunton Sarket5676255952720 84987136,002600,048 0,42
Hunton Sarket567625595242084897121,002600,0480,32
File name
M1 Certification
  • Certificate
Hunton Sarket 25mm Declaration of performance
  • Declaration of performance (DOP)
Hunton Sarket 18mm Declaration of performance
  • Declaration of performance (DOP)
Hunton Sarket Certificate of Conformity 1071-CPR-1019
  • Certificate of conformity
Hunton Sarket Assembly instructions
  • Assembly instructions
Hunton Sarket Technical approval
  • Technical approval
PEFC Certification
EPD – Hunton Sarket
  • Environmental Product Declaration
Construction Overview
  • Construction guide
Hunton Sarket

Hunton Sarket