Wood is our most important raw material

A natural raw material is a raw material that comes from plants, animals or sediments. Wood is a natural and renewable raw material with many good properties, and materials made of wood have good preconditions for a long lasting lifetime.

Hunton produces wood fibers from spruce that come from a PEFC-certified forestry. In Norway, the forest is managed according to strict rules. All wood we buy comes from environmentally certified forests that have a replanting program. This is how nature’s own cycle continues.

The largest part of the wood turns into building materials. Wood chips, which are a residual product from the sawmill, is our resource. We make wood fiber from wood chips, which is the largest and most important raw material in our wood fiber-based building materials.

Wood is an organic raw material with many advantages:

Wood stores carbon
CO2 makes up the largest share of man-made greenhouse gases. Wood is the only building material that binds carbon. When the wood is cut down to be turned into products, the binding time is further extended. The products we produce will throughout the life cycle store significantly more carbon than the CO2 emitted during production. Overall, therefore, it will be storage rather than emissions.

A long lasting material
The lifespan of the wood depends on the natural durability of the wood as well as the treatment of the wood. Materials of wood will be able to work for centuries!

Wood materials are strong and rigid, but still malleable, which offers great architectural possibilities. In addition, the wood is light compared to many other building materials. This makes handling easier and the transport economical.

Wood is an organic and living material that comes in many kinds, and each one has a different look and different properties and qualities.

As a classic material with great variations, wood appeals to most people.

Wood is a thermal mass
Wood is a thermal mass that has good heat storage capacity.

Handles condensation
Wood has good moisture-handling properties. The hygroscopic properties of the wood mean that it handles condensation and reduces moisture damage.

 Combines tradition with trend
We have long traditions of using wood as a building material. In fact, our oldest wooden buildings are about 1,000 years old. At the same time, wood has hardly been more trendy, either as the only building material in a building, or in combination with others.